What Does It Mean If A Service Is Lightspeed Compatable?

Lightspeed compatable means the ordering and quoting process takes place via an automatic system, reducing approval and delivery times.

In the Lightspeed system, you are able to instantly receive a quote, pay for it, and provide the order request in a guided process. Lightspeed is best for most orders. Large orders, such as those for a medium to large-sized company will have to use a manual process.

How Does The Payment Work?

For most standard orders, you will use the Lightspeed system which automatically quotes, creates, and bills your order! You will pay upon receiving your automatic quote - if your order is rejected or there is another issue then it will be refunded through Stripe.

For orders which are not eligble for the Lightspeed system, payment will be collected upon manual order review and approval and payment will be required before starting your order. You will be sent an invoice from Stripe.

Do You Negotiate Your Rates?

Rates are non-negotiable due to simplicity.

How Long Will My Order Take?

The delivery time of your order can depend on several factors:

  • The type of service offered(it will take me longer to make a website than install a service on a server).
  • The order queue(amount of orders placed before you which are not completed). A longer order queue will result in longer delivery times. You can view the order queue on the quote page
  • Orders which have added the "time-sensitive service" addon will be prioritized in the queue, making your order be delivered quickly.

What If I Am Unsatisfied With My Order?

Orders are designed to directly meet your needs from the start when building your order using the Lightspeed ordering system. However, there may be circumstances when the output does not match your original request, in those cases your order will be revised to match your original request when submitting your order.